As a parent with a baby...

You know your little one will go through the most intense brain development in the 1st few years of life – their brain actually triples in weight + establishes about 1000 trillion nerve connections!

Needless to say it’s prime time for sensory stimulation + exposure to many different experiences, but sometimes too much of a good thing can have unexpected consequences.

Research shows that certain activities and interactions have much greater influences on baby’s brain development + long-term learning, and surprisingly, these might NOT be what you think it is.

In this online course we’re going to dive into the fundamentals of baby play (from birth to 12 months) so you can get ideas on how to play with your baby and take the guesswork out of whether your baby is getting too much or too little stimulation.

Benefits of this course

  • Feel More Confident

    Know what your baby needs for brain stimulating play and how to play with them to promote their development.

  • Foster Connection

    Connect with your baby thru play as you tune into their stages of development and support them to reach new milestones.

  • Develop Life Skills

    Learn how to use play to promote skills like...rolling, crawling, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, self-regulation, etc.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Welcome!
  • 2
    • LESSON 1: What do babies need for play?
    • LESSON 2: The 4 criteria to choosing brain stimulating toys
    • LESSON 3: Top 10 baby toy recommendations
    • LESSON 4: How many toys should my baby have?
    • LESSON 5: How do I play with my baby?
    • LESSON 6: How do I setup for play?
    • LESSON 7: How long should my baby play?
    • LESSON 8: Am I stimulating my baby enough?
    • LESSON 9: How do I know if it's over-stimulating?
  • 3
    • Learning with simple toys
    • How to encourage rolling
    • Battery vs. non-battery operated toys
    • Reading baby's cues
    • Brain stimulating movements for baby
    • Movement Song - Charlie Chaplin FREE PREVIEW
    • Baby Signing Song - Itsy Bitsy Spider FREE PREVIEW
    • Baby Signing Song - Twinkle Twinkle
    • Baby "sharing" toys
    • Learning cause + effect skills
    • How do babies play together?
    • Allowing babies to do things on their time
    • Fostering spatial awareness
    • What happens when we don’t show babies how to play...
    • How to make play more challenging
    • A challenge for busy movers
    • Dumping/Filling
    • The power of independent play time
    • Object Permanence
  • 4
    • BONUS LESSON 1: How to choose books for your baby
    • BONUS LESSON 2: Tummy Time Tips
    • BONUS LESSON 3: Benefits of Baby Sign Language (and what signs to start with)
  • 5
    • E-Book: Baby Play Milestones (from 0-12 months)

Bonus material

  • Bonus Lesson #1

    How to choose books for your baby that helps them make brain connections and fosters literacy skills.

  • Bonus Lesson #2

    Fun and interactive tummy time tips that help strengthen muscles and prepares your baby for crawling and moving.

  • Bonus Lesson #3

    The benefits of using sign language with your baby (and what signs to start with).

+ Video Vault

Real life video footage of babies at play with explanations (along with tips) on how it supports your baby's development. PLUS.....ideas for fun + engaging brain-boosting activities from birth to 12 months.
+ Video Vault

+ E-book

that guides you through the play milestones of babies from birth to 12 months. This e-book summarizes for you what items and types of play little ones are interested in at what stage, so you don't have to guess whether you are doing it "right".
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+ E-book

Course Instructor

  • Cherrie MacLeod

    ECE, M.ED

    Cherrie MacLeod

    Cherrie is an early childhood educator (ECE), author & positive parenting coach who specializes in baby, toddler, and preschooler development. She has a background in child psychology and a M. Ed from the University of British Columbia.

    Over the past 10 years, Cherrie has been helping new parents learn how to foster their young children’s development using a play-based approach. Teaching parents how to nurture social and emotional intelligence from birth is her superpower. She also helps families navigate their little one’s challenging behaviors with confidence and compassion.


  • Who is The Brain Play for Baby Course for?

    Parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc. with babies from birth to 12 months.

  • How long will it take to finish the course?

    We get it! With a baby, it's hard to find a lot of time to focus on we designed this course to be completed in less than 3hrs.

    Lessons are broken down into 1-3min segments so they're super easy to work through, and you can start implementing small steps right away.

  • How much is the course?

    All of the course content, bonus lessons and video library is available to you from the comfort of your own home for $79.

    It is also mobile friendly, so you can go thru the short and easy to digest lessons on your phone when you a few minutes to spare in your day.

  • How do I access the course?

    The course is available on a secure members-only site with a specific login personalized to your account.

    Details on how to access everything will be emailed to you once registration is complete. Please make sure you add [email protected] to your email contacts so our emails don’t end up in your junk mail.

  • How long do I have access to the course?

    The course is designed for you to work through the content at your own pace so you’ll have access to all the lessons for as long as you want. Once you’ve completed the course, you can continue to revisit the material as your baby goes thru the different developmental stages.

  • Can I share this course with family members?

    We do recommend going through the material with your spouse/partner to learn and share this practice together as you observe new and exciting developmental milestones in your baby.

    If you have friends who could benefit from this content as well, please share this course page with them so they can purchase the material we’ve worked so hard to put together.

  • What if I need more support?

    Whether you're needing technical support to access the content or you're looking for more customized support, just send us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This program is based on well known theories and extensive research in the field of early childhood education, broken down into simple and actionable steps where you can observe the teachings in real life with your baby.

If you've finished the whole program, implemented the strategies consistently, completed all homework assignments and feel like you didn't get any value from the program, contact us so we can make things right.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee